MiniVet Guide Calculator 

MiniVet Guide Calculator: Your Veterinary Companion – So Much More Than JUST A Calculator, Meet Your New Go-To Clinical Guide!

Embark on a smoother veterinary practice journey with the MiniVet Guide Calculator! Not just your average veterinary calculator; it’s a comprehensive clinical companion designed to boost your confidence in handling critical cases, reduce human error, all while saving precious time and improving patient outcomes.

Whether you’re a Veterinarian, Veterinary Student, or Veterinary Nurse, this app is designed to elevate your clinical practice and personal veterinary journey.

It’s wide range of features, from comprehensive clinical decision support to continuous learning opportunities, positions it as a valuable resource for veterinary professionals across different stages of their careers, offering a well-rounded tool that goes beyond mere calculations to significantly aid in clinical practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MiniVet Guide Calculator is tailored to empower veterinary professionals through a blend of precise tools and actionable insights, ushering in a level of support and knowledge enhancement that transcends the offerings of typical veterinary calculators.

  • Blood Gas Calculator:
    • This specific calculator can be critical for managing patients with respiratory or metabolic disorders, and its inclusion adds value to the clinical utility of the app.
  • Clinical Algorithms and Guidelines:
    • Delve into our differential algorithms and treatment guidelines that pave the way for informed decisions, making your practice easier, faster, and more efficient.
  • 42 Integrated Toxicity Calculators:
    • Navigate through toxicity challenges with our extensive range of calculators. Know when an intervention is essential, and enhance your knowledge by working through clinical algorithms.
  • Hydration/Perfusion and Blood Gas Calculators:
    • Select the right fluid type and interpret blood gases accurately with our specialised calculators, ensuring your patients receive the optimal care they deserve. 

The MiniVet Guide Calculator offers a blend of features tailored to meet the needs of veterinary professionals ranging from students to specialists.

  • Comprehensive All-In-One Resource:
    • Your go-to solution, providing not merely calculators, but a holistic suite of tools for guiding clinical decision-making, setting it apart from competitors primarily focused on calculators.
  • Clinical Decision Support:
    • A virtual clinical coach in your pocket, assisting in producing patient-specific differential problem lists, treatment recommendations, and guidelines, a unique aspect that significantly enhances its value to veterinary professionals.
  • 42 Integrated Toxicity Calculators:
    • A standout feature providing an extensive range of toxicity calculators along with guidelines for managing cases, a distinctive feature not observed in the competitors listed.
  • Fluid Type Selection for Hydration/Perfusion:
    • Enhancing accuracy in fluid therapy with personalized fluid type selection for hydration and perfusion calculations, a feature that adds a layer of precision not seen in other apps.
  • Blood Gas Calculator:
    • Including a crucial calculator for managing patients with respiratory or metabolic disorders, enhancing the clinical utility of the app.
  • Differential Diagnosis for Abnormalities:
    • Offering differential diagnosis assistance for abnormalities, aiding critical thinking and decision-making during complex cases, thereby filling a crucial need in veterinary practice.
  • Empowering Continuous Learning and Knowledge Advancement:
    • Propel your knowledge forward by working through clinical algorithms, a valuable catalyst for students and early-career veterinarians striving for excellence.
  • Up-to-Date, Trustworthy, and Credible:
    • Ensuring reliability by providing up-to-date, trustworthy, and credible information, positioning the MiniVet Guide Calculator as a reliable resource among veterinary professionals.
  • Ease of Use:
    • Emphasizing a quick, easy, and efficient user experience, catering to the needs of busy professionals and students who require quick, accurate answers.
  • Broad Audience Reach:
    • Catering to a wide audience from students to experienced veterinary professionals and specialists, providing a broad user base and meeting diverse needs within the veterinary community.
  • Fortifying Confidence in Critical Case Handling:
    • Seize confidence in managing critical cases, an indispensable ally for both students and seasoned professionals aiming for unparalleled competency in their practice.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3….

  1. Download the app from your preferred provider, click the links below go to the APP page
  2. Head to sign up or login
  3. Choose your subscription and the calculators that best suit your needs. 

Then get started with your new clinical companion.

Sure … here are what some users have said

“Time saver, life saver and the BEST app on my phone.”

“Oh my GOSH, it is a lifesaver for quickly getting patients hydrated. I use it for almost all of my hospital patients.”

“Love how quick and easy the toxicity calculator is to use, saves me so much time and gives me more confidence in handling those cases”.

“It helps build up confidence in handling critical cases and saves time –  it’s a amazing for the patient as well as the doctor.”

“The calculator is an absolute gem for a new grad. Just starting my intern journey, it’s such a big help.”

“It allows me to be more efficient whilst providing great care.”

“It’s extremely straightforward which means I get to treating appropriately faster.”

“Easy calculations in times of stress for faster and better care in critical situations. “

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