The MiniVet Guide For Fundraising

Did you know the MiniVet Guide can help you raise funds for your student club, event or charity?Fundraising

I offer the MiniVet Guide to students to help them raise serious cash for their club, event or charity. I love this side of what I do, as it allows me to help students raise money for a good cause. I remember my time at University well and I was forever looking for new ways to raise money for a trips overseas, for a chosen charity or for an end of year dinner.

How does it work?

What I usually do if a club is interested in fundraising is to send them a few books for free so they can see first hand what the MiniVet Guide is all about, then they can start to showcase the book to students and see if there is any interest. Once they go ahead with selling the MiniVet Guide on campus, I provide a fundraising pack to help with promotion – this includes a poster and flyer to print off, a short summary of the book for university intranets and social media, plus access to a MiniVet Guide “how to use” video.

I discount the book to sell to the club, and then club sells to students at an agreed price – which is usually cheaper then buying direct from my website, so they are still getting a great deal. The club then gets to keep the difference – in the USA I discount $10 and most clubs sell at least 100 copies, so they can quickly make well over $1,000 within a few weeks. The most recent sale in USA sold 350 books making them $3,500 for their club.

Of course I don’t expect any money up front, it is only when the club has taken orders and collected money, that I ship (for free) all the books they need. The club then transfers the money to me via an online money transfer site, minus the funds for the club.  It is that simple.

Hear from a very happy student:

“I am a third year veterinary student at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. I first saw the MiniVet Guide at the 2016’s SAVMA Symposium in Ames, Iowa. After flipping through some pages, I realised what an incredible resource it would be for studying and to use during my clinical year. I bought a copy and quickly began to tell all my classmates about the book.

Gerardo emailed me with further info about the book, and once I found out that the MVG could be used as a fundraising tool, I asked my fellow classmates who served on the executive board of the Veterinary Business & Management Association (VBMA), if they would be interested in making this resource available for all students at Ross. We agreed it would be a fantastic way to raise money for our club as well as giving students the chance to own this awesome book.

We could not have anticipated just how successful the MVG would be. After just three short weeks of having a flyer posted on the class bulletin boards, we had close to 350 orders – so $3,500 for our club! Overall, selling the MiniVet Guide has been brilliant – a great way to raise a huge amount for our club while bringing something useful to our classmates too.” Brandi, Ross University, USA, 2016

If you would like to find out more, then email me at and we can discuss what you need and how I can help.

Want to Buy in Bulk?

You can purchase up to 9 copies of the books and veterinary flashcard sets. Up to a maximum of 15 mixed products can be added to the cart. You can save up to 20% by sharing postage costs.

Grab friends and colleagues to organise an order of 10+ of each product, for further bulk discounts.

Email for more info.