MiniVet Guide Interview

Life as an Emergency Veterinarian
May 10, 2016
Transition Into Clinical Practice
May 24, 2016

What’s your background?

I graduated from the University of Queensland in 2008. I started in a busy companion animal general practice then made the transition to the field of emergency and critical care. I am a director of a large emergency hospital in Brisbane called the Animal Emergency Service. I have a keen interest in the triage, stabilisation and management of critically ill patients, small animal ultrasound and radiology and emergency surgery.

What made you write the Guide?

As a veterinary student going through the final years of university, I just felt like there was too much we needed to know. It became hard to bring all the resources required and even then I would only use a small sections out of multiple textbooks. What I wanted was a simple easily portable concise reference source. I started slowly putting together the information that I wanted to have at my fingertips. That was where it all started.

Tell us what the MiniVet Guide is all about?

The MiniVet Guide is a pocket-sized quick reference booklet aimed at making the lives of veterinarians and veterinary students easier.

Who is it aimed at?

The MVG is aimed at veterinary students in their final years of veterinary school and for newly graduated veterinarian making the transition into vet clinical practice. It is also popular with experienced veterinarians who want a simple quick reference guide.

I notice this is 3rd edition – when did you originally publish it & what’s been added along the way?

The MiniVet Guide was first published in 2012, it has been fine tuned and updated to keep up to date with current medical trends and also in response to feedback from veterinarians and veterinary students.

How do you think it can help?

Veterinarians and Veterinary students have found it to be an incredibly useful resource. When you are rushing in between consultations you don't have time to consult a large textbook, you need simple and concise answers fast, this is where the MiniVet Guide comes in to play. It is a great study companion for students as it provides enough information to get them through their practical and theory exams.

The book contains 'problem orientated' flowcharts that help direct you down a diagnostic pathway and the individual chapters provide more information about common differentials. It does not claim or aim to replace textbooks and reference sites but it does contain enough information to get you out of a tight spot and heading down the right track when managing a patient.

Is it available in hard cover or only online?

It is a small soft cover booklet that can be purchased online via the website.

Are there any other books on the horizon?

There are plans for a MiniVet Guide For Unusual Pets but it is a while away.