Head Trauma Management

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About Dr Gerardo Poli

What’s my “why”? Understand what drives and inspires me, what I love about emergency medicine and learn about my vet school journey, current role and future aspirations.

Educational Products

Products designed to make a vets life easier. Practical, concise and relevant the MiniVet Guide, Clinical Pathology & Radiology Flashcards are the go-to resources for vet students and veterinarians.

Vet Success Academy

vet success academy

VSA is an academy like no other, created by Vets for the veterinary community. Whether you’re a vet, vet nurse/tech or a vet student, VSA will help you take your career and life to the next level.


The Vet Vault is a space where we talk to high performing individuals from varying niches of the veterinary profession who have found ways to thrive in their careers and make veterinary science work for them.